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“Project ECHO works to train community providers that struggle in rural areas; through HIPAA-compliant, technology-enabled collaborative learning to address specialty care-level health concerns in the primary care setting. Multi-disciplinary specialist teams use videoconferencing technology to conduct weekly or bi-weekly sessions with community providers to discuss [a variety of] specialized health care topics. During these clinics, community providers present patient cases to determine the best treatment options. This case-based learning has shown to improve patient health outcomes and provider confidence in treating both common and complex conditions in their communities.

There is no cost associated with participating, and the only requirements to join an ECHO session are access to a computer or mobile device with connection to the internet. Additionally, there are free Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits available for those who participate.” - From that homepage.
They offer specific trainings on behavioral health that address Opioid Use Disorder and other challenges and factors that come along with these diagnosis. These training times can change so please see their webpage for the most up to date information!

Project ECHO

Project ECHO is an online resource where providers can receive training, ask questions of other providers, and have the opportunity to earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits. All a provider needs to connect is a computer or mobile device and internet connection!

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